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The creation of Gage Park was a means to the organizing of Roselawn Bowling Club. This event stimulated the thoughts of a group of enthusiastic bowlers to the point of getting together and forming a skeleton organization. In the early stages, the meetings of this group were frequently held in the Gage Park greenhouse.
The availabilty of greens was taken up with the Parks Board which resulted in the foundation of the present greens being laid in 1924. Play commenced in 1925.
At this time no clubhouse was available and the members used the room in the east end of the tennis club building. It was not until the following year, 1926, that the Parks Board management erected a one-storey structure where the present clubhouse stands. This served admirably until destroyed by fire on September 26th 1930.
Prior to this loss many notables visited the clubhouse, including Lord Willingdon, and it was here that bowlers from all parts of the Empire were feted during the first ever British Empire Games (now known as the Commonwealth Games) which were staged in 1930.
During the year 1931 the present clubhouse was erected.
2023 will see the club enter it's 98th year of operation.


President : Cathy Wheat
Draw Master : Rusty Ruggles
Treasurer : Linda Kindree
Membership : Wayne Kowalyshyn


Membership fee for 2023 is $160.

Contact Wayne Kowalyshyn for more details
(905) 549-1515

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