Hours of Operation

Day Start Times
Mondays to Fridays 1:00pm to 3:00pm &
6:30pm to 9:00pm
Saturdays 12:30pm to 2:30pm
Sundays T.B.A.

Teams are choosen from the players available on any given day.

Club Events

Date Time Event Type / Comment Notes Kitchen
May 1 - Monday 9:00am Club House Open and Clean Up Kitchen and Greens help needed    
May 1 - Monday 1:00pm Annual General Meeting      
May 6 - Saturday 11:00am Doors Open Hamilton      
May 6 - Saturday 1:00pm Opening Game Draw 10 ends    
May 9 - Tuesday 6:00pm Learn to Bowl Starts - every Tuesday night      
May 11 - Thursday 6:00pm Open House      
May 12 - Friday 6:00pm Open House      
May 13 - Saturday 10:00am Curler's Open House Learn to Bowl (11am), BBQ (Noon), Open Bowling (1:30pm)   B.B.Q.
May 15 - Monday 10:00am Monday Madness Starts, Evyerone Welcome Club    
May 18 - Thursday 6:30pm Aussie Rule Pairs Starts Club WPs/MPs  
May 24 - Wednesday 9:30am InterClub starts District 5    
Date Time Event Type / Comment Notes Kitchen
June 2 - Friday 7:00pm Mini Series Starts Club    
June 6 - Tuesday 9:30am Gage Tournament $5 - 2 x 12 Club WPs/MPs  
June 10 - Saturday 8:30am District Playdowns Roselawn Pairs  
June 11 - Sunday 8:30am District Playdowns Roselawn Pairs  
June 15 - Thursday 9:30am Athlete's Image, Roses and Thorns Open $15 - 2 x 14 Open Mixed Pairs  
Date Time Event Type Notes Kitchen
July 1 - Saturday   Canada Day      
July 20 - Thursday 9:30am Wood Gundy 129th O.B.A. $15 - 3 x 12 Open Open Pairs  
July 25 - Tursday 9:30am State Farm $5 - 2 x 12 Club WPs/MPs  
Date Time Event Type Notes Kitchen
August 3 - Thursday 9:30am Truscott, Brown & Dwyer Funeral Home Lively Ladies $15 - 2 x 14 Open Women's Triples Lunch
August 12 - Saturday 9:30am Grimsby Challenge $5 - 2 x 12 Roselawn Mixed Triples  
August 15 - Tuesday 9:30am Club Champs Triples $5 - 2 x 12 Club Mixed Triples  
August 25 - Friday 7:00pm Mini Series ends - Wine & Cheese - 1 game Club Marie  
August 26 - Saturday 8:30am District Playdowns Roselawn Novice Pairs  
August 27 - Sunday 8:30am District Playdowns Roselawn Novice Pairs  
August 29 - Tuesday 9:30am Club Champs Pairs $5 - 2 x 12 Club WPs/MPs  
Date Time Event Type Notes Kitchen
September 4 - Monday 1:00pm Labour Day      
September 9 - Saturday 9:30am 19th Annual Charity Bowl for Aquired Brain Injury - 2 x 12 Open Open Triples, Jitney Draw Free B.B.Q.
September 15 - Friday 9:30am Roselawn Memorial $5 - 2 x 12 Club W/Mixed Pairs  
September 23 - Saturday 9:30am The Last Hurrah Hamilton Victoria Curling Club $15 - 3 x 12 Open WPs/MPs  
September 25 - Monday 10:00am Last day of Monday Madness      
Date Time Event Type Notes Kitchen
October 1 - Sunday 1:00pm Fall AGM      
October 2 - Monday 9:00am Close day of Club House      

Tournaments And Results

Roselawn Memorial Tournament

This tournament is named in honour of all of the Roselawn members who have passed away over the years. Starting in 2012, the Roselawn Memorial Tournament also included the Hugh Heenan Memorial and the Don Ross Memorial Tournaments.

Hugh Heenan died in 2003. There is a comfortable sunlit bench at Roselawn which was donated in Hugh's memory. A plaque on the bench reminds visitors of Hugh Heenan. He was a great bowler, a patient coach and a public relations person for Lawn Bowling. Often, when Hugh saw someone leaning on the fence watching a game, Hugh would go over to invite that spectator to come in and try the sport.

Don Ross was President of Roselawn in 2005 and 2006 He was an enthusiastic bowler and who passed away in 2007 while holding the office of Past President. His keenness, good humour and friendliness to all were evident daily. Don presided over Roselawn's 80th Birthday Party in 200 where he warmly welcomed distinguished visitors as well as former and present day bowlers.